Copyright Notice


All Hash extensions and changes to the Original Oxwall files are the copyright of RaptorFX team specifically T. Rob de Vries from TRIYM. RaptorFX is part of TRIYM and both are in the software solutions and services business with speciality in financial trading solutions.
To stay within the Hash spirit the hashwebheroTM nickname is used instead of company name(s), thus where ever you see hashwebhero the real person is T. Rob de Vries of RaptorFX team

Copyright recognitions

We fully honor, recognize and thank the following owners of their products. Any claims of copyright by RaptorFX team is soley on the additions and alterations clearly marked by comments. At no time RaptorFX will charge for any free or Open Source parts.

Oxwall Open Source License used for Hashers main webpages and logins
Sitepad free website builder used for fancy front pages of the Hash website
Calendar by Benjamin used for Hash Calendar