Special Invitation to Run 888 Kuching Sarawak

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Date & time Dec 8, 08:00
Hash Run ends Dec 8, 22:00
Sarawak, Kuching, Kampung Bobak
Creator hashwebhero

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Special Invitation to Run 888 Kuching Sarawak

Dear Langkawi Beach Hashers!

your are invited to join the 888 Hash Run on Kuching Sarawak organized by Kota Padawan Hash House Harriers & Harriettes

Please find more info here: Facebook BobakRun

For registration go here: RaceKaki Bobak

Some details are also on our local Hashers site: Details Bobak Hash Run 888

If you are interested then please let JohnnyWalker know by Sign in and press Hash Yes or Maybe if you are thinking about it. Also it would help if you press No to state you are defintely not coming.

On On!


The Wall

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