Become a Hare! Claim your run!

Please contact HareRaiser (click me) to claim a run as hares by specifying which date and your hash names!

Note 1: There are two sections here Hash Run Calendar and Hash Run List, so please scroll down for more!
Note 2: On small devices like Smartphone or Tablet the viewing improves when hold in WIDE position. However, in both positions the view size remains too small, thus causing calendar and hashrunlist to get tiny scroll bars to move the view about.

Section 1: Hash Run Calendar

Please find our calendar with our Hash FRIday emphasized and the color coding is:
Light green = Hash Runs/Bashes from our past
Hash green = Next Hash Run(s) with hares already assigned
Hares red = Hares needed! Please contact Hare Raiser to claim a red/open date as hare!

Section 2: Hash Runs List Overview

Please note: Currently hashwebhero needs to do manual updates as development on this section has not finsihed yet. Data should be fairly accurate and any update email to hashwebhero (click me).

The 10 upcoming hashes and their known hares are retrieved for you if they exists. Want to see more or less listed than drag the slider to right or left and click Search -> or simply hit return/enter if behind a keyboard. Want to see hashes and bashes of the past, click on the "Past Hashes" radio button and click Search ->. Optional: You can also search from a specific hash number provided that it is in our database of hash runs.
For now please email HareRaiser (click me) if you want to be added as hares or see an error.

Number of Hash Runs to get 10
Option start with Hash number
What hashes do you look for Coming Hashes Past Hashes