TartanTart's Scribe

At Bugger Mee's and Sodomiser's request, eleven of us met at Kasbah restaurant. And I thought we would be buggered because last time we had a Hash here they ran out of beer almost immediately. Then the silly sods took for ever to bring up some average food. So much for German efficiency! (Gerry owners.) Maybe getting their revenge on us Brits, Dutch and French.

As it turned out all seems to be forgiven but more of that later.

The skies looked ominous (shite) but we set off in a positive way along mini tars through the padis. Near the Bon Ton we were less positive, it started to rain. But just a trickle. Over the road and to the beach.

Living here the beach is pretty unknown to us and somewhere we don't visit unless there is a bar on its edge. The beach turned out to be a large area of yellow grainy stuff. To one side there was blue, wet, wobbly stuff. This is called the sea. 

Along the beach and passed the Pelangi and into Langkawi's rubbish recycling tip, Pantai Cenang. an area to be avoided at all cost unless visiting The Red Tomato. But we were soon headed off back to Kasbah.

Sensibly we had pre-ordered dinner and sensibly, they didn't run out of beer. Maybe on the last Hash, our Hare, Made in China was trying to put us on a diet? The food was very tasty, well my cheese burger was excellent. Even gourmet Johnny Walker didn't complain.

Well done Bugger Mee and Sodomiser.


Small Ball Cock

It would appear that the Langkawi ‘beer balancing bird’ has migrated to England. He, or a close relative has been spotted on a Herts Hash House Harriers shirt.

Tent Packer, our regular visiting Hasher is seen here wearing it. He is the GM and newly appointed Haberdasher of the Herts Hash. Last year he kindly sponsored our ‘three birds’ shirts and asked GM, Small Ball Cock for some help with the design for their new shirts. 

This is the result. Tent Packer may not be a good creative man but he is a brilliant marketing man, selling the shirts with matching cans of Guinness. He says they are selling like hot cakes or being in the U.K., selling like warm beer.


Twelve of us...Ocean's 12 (Small Ball Cock's 12) including The Dog's Bollocks gathered in the heart of Kuah on Merdeka Day and 'promptly' began our Hash Bash at 6:05pm. We were joined by a virgin harsher, Clair, a singer who just recently located to Langkawi from KL.

Runners took off like the wind along the village roads and picturesque route... but I'm only half speculating for I can't be too sure. Reason? Well, Black Label led the walkers at a pace not for the faint-hearted. We completed 5.8km in 1 hour and 10 minutes. When the brisk walkers arrived back, we saw the 3 Usain Bolts sitting there with at least half a dozen of empty beer cans. Hmm....

Off we went to the Thai Red light district for dinner - Nagoya. It was a happy ending.

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