TartanTart's Scribe

Hash Bash Trash #634

18:07, some 17 or so Bashers started moving along Shrimp ponds towards the Observatory, made it up the hill towards and along the golf course, and back to Nelayang parking, our start. 

As usual, for the walkers too long, for the runners too short, the spear heads downed a few beers before the walkers creeped in.

French Tarts lot honored us, lost Black Lable made it back, the rest escaped me.

"Free beers" still rings in my ears though. Those the GM promised before leaving for food - it turned out to be "fake news". 

"True news", however, was to prep for slow food, as the kitchen was running hot. 

The long wait stirred the hunger, the promised beers remained a dream - where were the snacks to calm the soul? 

Finally the food came, easily to be made out on the plates, but could it feed the hungry beasts? Gobbled up in a snap, people left shortly after, raiding their fridges at home ......or else.

It's good to be back...........oh, and yes,........the view was good!



Ay oop!

Start at Scarborough Fish and Chips

Run - 10 Hapless Hashers ambled through the Mangroves and Paddies to the ...

Finish at Scarborough Fish and Chips....

Except for Yuin who decided to take a different route and 

3 who joined us for the ...

Meal at Scarborough Fish and Chips.

All in all a good time was had - at...


Reet Gradely Lad! 

On On King Penguin

For those of you who have had restless nights worrying about Floppy Rod's cap that was retrieved from Chichester harbour, you can now sleep easy. Our hero, Susan Rutter has returned the cap to its negligent owner.

As you can see by the photos it was cause for celebration. The cap seem no worse for its ordeal, although maybe a bit floppier.I hope Rod was in a likewise condition otherwise, knowing him as we do!

Following the amazing Thai cave rescue of twelve boys and their coach, Langkawi Beach Hash can report their own amazing rescue story.

A Hash cap was spotted in difficulties in Chichester Harbour, on the south coast of England. Lost and fighting to keep its peak above water. But one Susan Rutter to the rescue. She managed to haul the hat on to her boat.

As you can see by the photo below, it maybe old and worn but now fully recovered.

Susan, a true Hash Hero got in touch with me to work out who had abandoned the poor little chap.

Old Bailey and Floppy Rod came to mind as they live in that area and sail there. So putting one and two together, I worked out it must belong to one of them. Floppy admitted to borrowing it from OB and it falling overboard. Did he dive in to rescue it? No! A heinous crime without doubt.

He sent me an pathetic email owning up to this. He said he is doing a daily penance of drinking Tiger and a spot of self abuse afterwards. This will not save him (or her) from serious punishment for disrespecting official Hash attire when they return.

Hash Rags, French Tart will come up with a suitable way of dealing with this!!

Thanks again to Susan.





Very simple. Meet at the lighthouse at Telaga Harbour. What could be simpler? Me.

Who needs to read the Hash directions? Who can't find a lighthouse? Me.

In truth, I found it, but had a little difficulty getting there. My navigator, French Tart, was non-help as she also had not read the directions. But we made it a few minutes late. Luckily no punishments as we're Hash Bashing. French Tart escaped.

A couple of new people, three in fact. Christine, Thieving Bastard's sister-in law and two lovely, youngish Asian ladies, Selena and Yuin. This helped bring our average age down to two figures.

Twelve of us set off through the pot holes to the prom in front of the restaurants at the harbour. Unfortunately a couple of infirmed, MucArse and Karsenegenic together with their guide dog, Hash Cash, didn't get that far. They took a seat and no doubt a few Tigers after two hundred meters.

One wonders how far they will get on their grand European two month trip. If this is anything to go on they will probably spend the whole time at Arrivals, Rome airport.

On on the rest of us went, past the Dana hotel and on to the beach. Clean and pretty - not us, the beach. We ambled along eventually finding our way back to the elusive lighthouse, picking up the doggy duo and dog.

Our Hare, Tommy The Wank Engine, announced that dinner was to be at Shin Mi. And jolly good it was and even better as we didn't even have to consult the menu. Tommy had arranged our feast. The only decision we had to make was whether to have another Tiger and that, like me that evening, was a no brainer.

Well done Tommy.


Small Ball Cock