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Scribe Report – Friday July 6 2018 - Run 631

An enthusiastic group of Hash Bashers met on the steps of Laguna, champing at the bit to follow Hamlet Humper and Hamlet Whore’s course.  The regulars were joined by part timers Bigapist and myself and two very welcome visitors, Yuin and Christian. 

We struck out across the main road, some more wary of the traffic, that included a number of “VIP” school students in busses, than others.  Over the funny bridge and through a scenic and winding course past many of Langkawi's bucolic scenes.

Hamlet Humper thought it was important that we had our daily fix of island culture so took us to The Field of Burnt Rice near the Matsirat square.  We were slow to realise that the small patch of grass was in fact the aforementioned heritage site, as to most of us it looked like a small patch of front lawn, albeit very well kept.

Through the Souvenir Emporia (closed so as not to start a retail stampede of Hashers) and around the back of the  Matsirat square, we meandered back via the well trodden shortcut to our start point.  Garmin, FitBit and smartphone distances were compared and an average of about 6.4kms agreed upon.  A lovely walk at a pace that allowed many riveting and very important conversations to continue throughout. 

A delicious dinner, dishes very well chosen by Hamlet Whore, was had at Thien Shen in Kuala Teriang.  The Tigers were cold and refreshing, the banter varied and, as always, the company warm and friendly.  Thanks everyone, see you next time.

Adi D’Turd

A group of 12 disciples gathered outside The Laguna (or perhaps it was the dirty dozen - who knows!)

The walk, organised by Larshole & Mettehari, was a trip down memory lane for some, and a whole new experience for others - 

The breakwater beside Langkawi Lagoon hotel was where our walk took us, passing a huge tree which had fallen down in the recent storm and was in the process of being chopped up.

It was a beautiful Langkawi evening for a stroll with the sparkling water all around us, locals fishing, and 2 lovely sandy beaches (were it not for the huge amount of rubbish which had come in on the tide!). Sadly our Re-psycho hasher, Adrian the Turd, was notably absent or I am sure he would have organised us into collecting it all - thank God he missed it!!!

Unfortunately, Hamlet Whore, who was our nominated Hash Flash for the evening, lost her sole at the beginning of the breakwater and had to turn back. Hamlet Humper valiantly took on the role in the Whore's absence! She did try to make a comeback, joining us again as we neared the end of the walk.

Along the way we did pay homage to the place where our fallen hasher - Lyn bin Defuzzed bit the dirt last year - yes, the little metal spike is still there.

On on to The Roof restaurant for a delicious if somewhat sparse and expensive repast, and thoroughly good crack!

Well done Larshole & Mettehari.

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