TartanTart's Scribe

A hardy ten Island Remainers met at a location tucked away off the coast road.

Two Americans, Skip and Gabrielle, joined us for the first time. Unfortunately, although they are full time residents, they only joined us because this was to be a Hash Bash due to the lack of numbers. Skip told me that all the stuff we do in the circle wasn't for them. Americans are a delicate, sensitive lot as we know by their leader.

MucArse and Karsanogenic, our Hares led us on the unmarked trail. Karsanogenic led the way mainly from the back with Hash Cash, who was at the back, at the front and often in the middle of nowhere.

Through pretty forest and field  and into a kampong. We spent a long time in the kampong as MucArse kept instructing us to do 180 degree turns and go back the way we had come. Whether she was extending the run as she claimed or totally lost we will never know. Of course we know! We spent so long in the kampong we ended up on first name terms with the kids.

Eventally we left Kampong Hampton Court and walked down the coast road to the meeting point.

A few bright sparks bought Tigers with them. The not so bright sparks had to wait till we got to Cactus. Girls down end of the table talking bollocks, boys at the other end talking shite. We chose our own food and everything, as always at Cactus, was delicious.

Well done Hares, another fun Hash.


Small Ball Cock

Hou Hou Everybody,

Friday 25th of May, 5pm, no rain… we were meeting near the Bella Vista Hotel some of us for the Traditional Hash Run.

As usual, our International GM called us to former a circle… small, only 11 Hashers.

No new shoes.

The Hares gave the direction et “Allez”, go !!!

Thank goodness I did not do anything because it was a very long run, over 6kms, but at least flat, very pretty and nobody died. However, some returned looked a little red and dead ! They went thru Padang Matsirat where many locals there looking forward for their dinner like the Hashers but they would not be having down-downs …

After few minutes “pour récupérer “, The Grand Maître called, again, to former the circle.

Our favorite Executioner Larshole was ready to refresh particularly some of us, beginning by himself, of course.

No Virgins, no Visitors, only Returners : Tweet and Pete, coming for the second time. So, as our official Hash Flash, Bugger Mee, was not there, Tweet did it and very well.

The SNITCH of the day, Larshole, who took his mission very seriously, punished a lot of people for silly reasons, including Mettehari, his wife… who, to take a revenge, dropped a big pot of ice and water in the short of Larshole, to make his Willy even smaller… hahaha very hilarious !

At the end, nearly everybody has been washed , some like Tartan Tart most than the others, and the GM did not stay dry also.

No Hash Hero, no Hash Turd. So we could started for the Bada Bing Restaurant at Laguna where we had a very good “Pasta night” . Again a really nice and fun Hash.

Au revoir ,

French Tart

IMPORTANT : Next Hash : MEETING at 5.30pm – Starting Run at : 6.00pm