TartanTart's Scribe

When men grow old and their @@@@@ grow cold and the tips of their @@@@ turn blue

They dream of a life away from strife and they tell you a tale or two.

Now give me a drink and give me a chair (chilly?) and to you a tale I'll start

Of Small Ball Cock and fey MucArse and a harlot named Tartan Tart

Now Small Ball Cock and fey MucArse were working near Wang creek

And they'd had nothink by way of a drink for well nigh on a week

A tiger or two, a sapphire blue, a couple of Skol or so

So Small Ball Cock with his mighty rocks had found the drinking slow

They formed a circle in the sand and planned their drinks campaign 

But first they had to make a run down many a muddy lane

Then on return, (will they never learn?) they sunk a crate or two

Abused themselves and several elves, well you know what Hashers do

The turd it went to Karsano- G, the hero to fey MucArse,

And Tartan Tart was wet three times - it was turning to a farce.

Tent Packer too was toasted by brew and to KP an unfair redress

Then Choir practice and off to Cactus - this hash declared a success!

On On 


It's me again, your Scribe, Small Ball Cock. 'Why him again?' I hear you titter. Good question. Why me? Simple answer, it's because Tartan Tart said it was my punishment for not appointing a Scribe. I thought I was on my winter break! Bad enough having to remind Hash Flash to take a group photo.

Enough whinging, there will be plenty of that next Friday.

Arse and King Penguin instructed us to meet at the end of the Tanjung Rhu road. A road many of us hadn't been down for a long time. There met over a dozen Hashers and two Hash mutts. McArse and Larsole (not the Hash mutts), had returned from their European travels but their sickly partners were sick. Probably sick of spending so much time with them.

We set off down tracks close to the beach, along the beach (yellow grainy stuff with blue wet, wobbly stuff butting up to it), and then down the Tanjung Rhu road. Along this road, McArse and French Tart got a lift to the pit stop that had been organised by our Hares. Their excuse – mosquitoes and fatigue. See if they get away with that next real Hash! The pit was the Sands Bar at the Tanjung Rhu Hotel. It wasn't the pits, it was very nice. We all enjoyed a half price, or Scottish cocktail. Dutch cocktails are the free ones. For my half price margarita I got half a margarita. Never mind what there was of it was ok.

Eventually our smoking, swilling Hash Flash stumbled into action and a group shot was taken. Then ON ON along the beach back to the cars.

We regrouped in a tiny restaurant, or boui boui, as French Tart calls them, for dinner. A charming rustic place that I believe was attached to the Hares' house, a real cottage industry and maybe a sideline? Lots of tasty pasta with a sort of carbonara sauce. Maybe Arse had said NO BACON. There were other dishes which I cannot remember as I didn't get passed the pasta.

A very nice walk/run and a tasty dinner washed down with beer and wine. Well done Hares.

The next Hash will be back to a full Hash with the circle and our Danish Executioner dishing out punishment. Maybe Tartan Tart forget this because revenge is a dish best served cold and even better with cold iced water.