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Maid in China has passed away –

For Langkawi hash it’s a very sad day.

A true-blue hasher, and a real gent,

He certainly had a life well spent.

A natural wit, he would keep us amused

With funny stories and tales confused.

A chemist, an actor, a linguist was he – 

Of foreign tongues he had at least three!

In France and Indo and China he stayed,

And then in Langkawi his roots he laid.

He settled in to life here well

‘Cos Tiger beer tax free they sell !!

His zest for life the envy of many,

The love of his life – a girl named Jenny.

A doting dad and grandpa too,

But still he sported a quirky hairdo!

His determination kept him going

When after a stroke his mind was slowing,

And soon he was back upon the breakwater,

Running along without a totter.

But tragedy was to strike again –

On the way to his maid in China – Jen,

Another stroke it did attack – 

And from this one was no way back.

So here’s to Maid in China,

He’s true blue,

He’s a hasher through and through,

He has sadly passed away,

But from his place in heaven we will hear him say:

Drink it down, down, down, down,

Down, down, down, down,

Down, down, down, down –

On On M.I.C.

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