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TartanTart Moderator

The One Where Small Ball Cock Pretended to Set a Run*

We all arrived just around the corner from SBC’s house who sent us off up a rather steep hill promising further instructions. As we puffed up the incline an obnoxious noise came from behind and what to our wondering eyes should appear but SBC in his limo cruising on by us. We arrived at the rendezvous and SBC fulfilled his promise of further info by advising us to watch out for mean monkeys, go down to the mucky shore and faff about for half an hour or so then come back the way we came or come back by finding our own way around the shore. SBC saw us all off and then disappeared. Good Hashers all, we followed instructions and eventually returned to base to find a relaxed SBC hanging out on the pier watching us struggle over slimy rocks.

Off we went to Cactus (the restaurant just around the  corner from SBC ‘s house) for some great grub.

Good one SBC. A great example of how setting a Hash Bash can be no trouble at all.

*Nothing in the foregoing script should be taken to diminish the contribution of Small Ball Cock.