HASH RUN 665 from TartanTart's Scribe

It was a dark and stormy night - well a dull and wettish evening, when the intrepid band of 'Athletes', ironically near the site of a previous Commonwealth Games met.

Hares Tartan Tart and MucArse had chosen a suitably atmospheric site, carved from the bowels of Mother Earth. On cue the 2019 Rainy season monsoon had one of its many 'last laughs'. Hand job and Clit Eastwood were so disheartened that they refused to leave their car, prompting suspicions of unseemly behaviour.

No new shoes were found so after a Hares briefing off we went. Prick Van Dyke and King Penguin were first away and thus first to arrive at a hash circle. Such is KPs reputation only PVD followed  him on the right hand trail, only to find, that for once, he had got it right and correct. Not that finding a trail in the now heavier rain with marks awash proved easy but a way was found, and On On we went. The second circle and washed out marks again challenged our intrepid runners and this time KP and PVD fell foul and reinstated KPs reputation.

Back at the circle the sorry soggy specimens of humankind regathered to conduct the tribal post Mortem. KP volunteered as Scribe in order to rewrite history whilst PVD executed himself though in the rain it was hard to tell the difference. Hares were congratulated on the best Hash swim (HASH SPLASH??) ever. Virgins Robin and Tony were welcomed and Returners David and Dawn were welcomed back.

The GM asked the pre-appointed Snitch Bitch to announce her findings and thus the so nominated Bearded Clit called out Hashers for urinating en-route (surely taking the piss). This was disallowed and after several false starts she singularly failed to nominate anyone! However; several misuses of Real names in the circle led to a shuttle of chilly chair occupants, including the author.

The GM now lost the plot completely, but not unusually, by asking for the age of Pablo Picasso - a man whose deathday was over 46 years ago!!!!

The aforementioned dodgy Hash Dodgers - Hand Job and Clit Eastwood were duly punished for mal - lingering though CE was granted a reprieve in view of his failing health. Perhaps on reflection he should have had a Hash hero award for turning up at all.

Failing light and the hash hymn brought proceedings to a close and we repaired to an excellent repast at YLs in Kuah.



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