All you need to know as hares!

THANK YOU for being our Hares for the next run!

If you are at your Hash Circle's location with your smart phone then click this button to get Google Map coordinates in a new email window (if any other new window opens that one can be safely closed). Please click yes on "Allow access to your location?" otherwise it will not work.

Please find all you need to know below.

On On...

IMPORTANT: Directions to the next hash run MUST be emailed to NO LATER than TUESDAY EVENING!

Mismanagement Decision

As of 1 Jan 2019 the hares will have to contribute the same amount of cash as do runners & walkers. This measure was taken to keep us financial sound and not have to raise the run price for all hashers.
The Mismanagement is counting on the support of our hares to do this correctly from here On On.


All stock is now kept in the residents' store area of The Laguna. The store is number RS28 and is located in the basement at The Laguna. The key to the store is kept within the satchel which is available for collection from beer Meister Hand Job 0113 715 2072, Beer Mistress BeardedClit 011 5181 0430 or in their absence the sales office in Laguna where the contact is Tartan Tart 012 591 8169 who might help you out.

Check existing stocks.

Please do this when picking up and returning LBH3 stock. Please enter in the stock book the opening and closing of ALL stock. The Beer Meister, Hand Job, or Beer Mistress, BeardedClit, do all the LBH3 buying, so there should always be enough stock in the store.

Before returning the items to the store, the Hares should ensure all cups are clean and dry.


The Hares should bring from our store at least the following for about 15 to 20 hashers, if you know 25-30 coming than 1.5 times for the * marked ones to be safe:
  • a) WATER : 2 big 5L bottles
  • b) 100 PLUS : 1 Slab* ( 24 cans)
  • c) SKOL/Anchor BEER : 1 Slab* ( 24 cans)
  • d) TIGER BEER : 3 Slabs (72 cans)
  • e) FLOUR: 5 kg cheapest brand
  • f) RUBBISH BAGS 5 large industrial type
  • g) : ICE : 3 to 4 large bags of ice
Ice can be bought at any Ice factory around the Island. One is located in Jalan Penarak , Kuah , and one in Padang Matsirat near Lucky Frozen. Three bags of ice are usually at minimum required to cool all drinks and supply of water for the executioners.

PLEASE Note that if Hares want to have a half way stop or do anything that will cost money outside of the above items they MUST pay for it themselves.


The site of the HASH circle should not be in sight of a mosque or Malay village , have enough dry parking area and a large enough area for about 30 people to stand in a circle. Please remember that you (the hares) will need to be able to have all the drinks close at hand so a place to park a car near the circle is handy.


The general rule is to set a run that will take runners about 30/40 minutes to complete (4.5 to 6 KM ) false trails tend to slow down the faster hashers and again the general rule is that no more than 3 flour markers are set before the X ( approx 200,250M long) 3 to 4 false trails are about right. Please remember Langkawi has a wet season - be mindful of setting steep trails on muddy slopes in the wet season or if rain could be a problem.


A budget for the meal ranges from RM20 - RM22 per head.

If hares want/need to deviate upwards from above budget then there are two options:
1: get written permission from at least 2 MisManagement members, OR
2: pay the difference per head themselves.
Important: once you have done the stock calculations after your run, so you can see what has been used on drinks, and you find that you have a deficit in income (i.e. no positive cash contribution is left) then please immediately contact BeerMeister or anyone from MisManagement!
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