We are here to help and will try to answer your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Where can I find what

The Langkawi Beach Hash site consists of two major parts:
Part 1: Three front pages, Home, Hash and Contact for all global information as where we are, what an hash is and who to contact in case of questions or remarks.
Part 2: Hashers pages, see below, with all kinds of information, like who are Hashers, photo's, video's, scribes, hash run calendar and many more.
The little logo's in upper left hand corner switches between Hashers pages and Front pages, so does the links Home and Main.
All Pages listed in below table are links, so you can click them to go straight there.

Front Pages Explanation
Home Page Home page is where you come to if you type in
What-is-Hash Page What is Hash page explains what a Hash exactly is, what else do you expect
Contact Page Contact page helps you connect to right person for questions
Hasher Pages (in Header) Explanation
Main Page Main page is the start point for Hashers
Hashers Page Hashers page shows all members of Langkawi Beach Hash
Next Run Page Next Run page shows the next run when posted and list past runs in tab Past
Calendar Page Calendar page displays the Hash Run Calendar as well as a list of hares organizing upcoming runs
Hares Page Hares page must read for those organizing a Hash Run. The ones who are in control of a run are called Hares
Songs Page Songs page shows plenty of songs we sing during our Hash Circle, great place to learn thme quick!
Photo Page Photo page shows pictures in albums of past runs, see all the fun we had!
Video Page Video page shows short clips with sound of activities at Hash Circle, some are very funny!
Scribe Page Scribe page is a full collection of scribe reports of a Langkawi Beach Hash, good place to catch up what happened
Help Page Help page is where you are now and also more below has a FAQ!
Hasher Pages (in Footer) Explanation
Terms of Use Page Terms of Use page is where you can find what "rules" are applied when you continue to use our website
Privacy Policy Page Privacy Policy page is where you can find out how we deal with your data
Code of Conduct Page Code of Conduct page is where you can learn what behavior a Hash and Hashers should use at all times.
Test Page If you see a Test page is what you think it is... testing new stuff out! Use at own RISK, prefered is not to go there.

Why Sign Up?

By signing up you can actively participate with other hashers and contribute photos and short videos. You also will get informed by email when and where the next hash run will take place. Important: It is free of any obligations other than not spam or be rude to other members of this Langkawi Beach Hashers Site. Fees or payments are solely requested at the start of each hash run in cash, so never give out your credit card details and/or pay anything online as we, will never ask you to do so. Please report anything like this to HashWebHero

How to Sign Up

Please find in the upper right hand corner the Sign Up menu link you can click:
  • Please use your official Hash name without any spaces or punctuations. Use Capital Letters for readability, for example: PrickvanDyke, SmallBallCock, TartanTart, etc
  • Use a valid email that you can access. If you want your own please email HashWebHero after the sign-in process clearly stating your official hash name.
  • Choose a password that you can remember. If you ever forget your password, at sign in you have a “forgot password” option which will email you a link to reset you password to your email address.
  • The other questions help us to serve you better and/or to help you find like-minded
  • If your country is not listed please select “Other” and email HashWebHero which country needs to be added to the list.

Can I have a email address?

Yes you can, provided you have signed up on our Langkawi Beach Hash Site. Please email HashWebHero or drop a Chat message to HashWebHero stating you want your own hash email account after you signed up. Only Langkawi Beach Hashers have the privilege of getting their own hash name as email account!

Your Langkawi Hash Email and Langkawi Hash Sign-in Name are not the same

Your Langkawi Hash Email password cannot be used for accessing Langkawi Beach Hash Site as they are different items one can use. However, if you make the passwords exactly the same then you need only to remember one. Please be aware that if you change either password you also have to change the other to be able to access both with the same password again.

How to access your

Please click this link and be patient please, as it might take a while depending how busy the email server is, before you get the login screen. After the initial wait all should work pretty smooth.
  • Please use for Username:
  • Fill in your password
  • you are offered some choices to web email readers, HashWebHero favorite choice is HORDE to display emails. However the others will work too! Nothing gets installed, it is only a way to access and use your Langkawi Hash email online.
If you want you can also use “Add Account” in your email software on phones, tablets or PC's. An email on how to do this will be waiting in your inbox already. Important: most email access programs fill in certain field’s standard for you but please check whether they match with the instructions, otherwise it will not work. If you cannot get a connection going try using “None” for security on “Incoming Server”, or drop a chat message to HashWebHero.

Please email HashWebHero if you have any questions or need help to be added to this page.