Code of Conduct

Langkawi Beach Hash invites all people who like to participate and enjoy the beautiful nature Langkawi Island and its people have to offer while enjoying sporty activities like running and walking. After the run we have some fun and games with water and beer. We also welcome, and have, non-alcohol drinkers in our group and we support this fully by serving water or 100Plus instead. We expect all of our hash participants to behave like good citizens and proud guests as most of us are in Malaysia.


By showing up at any Langkawi Hash Run you and all the other participants have full responsibility to:
  • Behave responsibly, respectfully and mindfully towards all people; local and foreign, property, land and animals
  • Keep Langkawi clean! No littering during runs, and clean up the circle and restaurant, before leaving or even cleanup the circle of any existing rubbish

  • Not operate a vehicle during or after the run or dinner in a state that is not allowed in your home countries:
  • Designated drivers should not be pushed to drink past the limit
  • Consider taking a Taxi like Uber or Grab even if it is only to get home safely (costs nothing compared to an accident)!
Please help each other to respect the Code of Conduct and/or report issues/problems/violations to the General Manager during or after the hash.

Liability Waiver

By showing up to any Langkawi Beach Hash Run, you accept that the Organising Mismanagement, and the hare/s duly appointed by Mismanagement, sponsors, and the owners of the land and property where the run may take place will take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the participants, but accept no liability for injury, damage, or loss however these may occur. You also agree that you will not hold Mismanagement and its members responsible for any accidents, loss, damage, or injury sustained by yourself before, during, or after the run


In consideration of you being accepted as a participant in the Langkawi Beach Hash Run, you the participant hereby agree and undertake that you and/or your personal representative, heirs, and successors-in-title shall at all times keep the Organising Mismanagement and its members of the Langkawi Hash House Harriers Run from legal actions, claims, proceeding damages, expenses, loss, and other liabilities that may arise out of the Organising Mismanagement having agreed to accept your registration as a participant.