Dear Langkawi Beach Hashers and Visitors!

The Langkawi Beach Hashers Site is ready for you to take a look around and/or find/join the next run. You can also sign in or sign up if you are or want to become a Langkawi Beach Hasher. Please do so with your HashName without spaces and capitilized name parts (like TartanTart). If you have no official HashName yet please use your (nick)name for time being. Once logged in , you can add photo's, comments and (soon) sign up for Hash Runs as hares.
Everyone can see the next run, once posted, and are free to come to our hash run ... no need to sign up ot sign in!
However Hashers and Visitors can choose to sign up if they want to stay connected and get an email with link to next hash run and/or plan participating with us often in the future.
Many thanks and as hashers say "ON ON!"

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All Runners & Walkers are welcome to participate in our next run & walk somewhere on our beautiful island Langkawi. Every second Friday at 17:00 we get together for a social meet, activity and fun with water and beer!

Why not?

Yeah...why not sign up with the rest of our hashers! It is free for all who want to be regular hashers at our Langkawi Beach Hash! Our below very low cost are collected each run when you show up - Sorry but cash only!

RM 35

per person for Run, Drinks and Dinner

RM 15

per person for Run ONLY.

RM 30

per kid below 16 and ONLY if they behave themselves and no beer drinking!


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HanneballsLecher Hasher
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