Important Contacts

Hash general contact for making contact or general questions or use the form way below
Web Matress for all your contributions like directions of next run, scribe report and pictures of (hedious) crimes and fun


The honorable Hash Leadership running for you to make you smile and happy or wet

Title Name Function
General Manager (GM) Small Ball Cock Hash Leader and Circle Master (better be nice to him)
On Sec & Hash Matress Tartan Tart Secretary of state and silent power behind all man
Lay all your directions of run, scribe reports, etc on her
Hash Splash & Beermeister Hand Job Head excecutioner and trainer of the novices &
Head of procurement of stocks, timely returns of all cups etc cleaned
Hash Pis & HashWebHero Prick Van Dyke Co-head procurement of stocks, timely returns of all cups etc cleaned
Design & Running the website
Hare Raiser Karsanogenic Headhunter or marksman of hares for next runs
MOM King Penguin Master of Music, songs and lead singer
Hash Hooker Johnny Walker Head Hash seducer of virgins to get them to hash with us
Repsycho Adrian the Turd Mister GREEN, seducer of becoming more environment friendly


The assistants to mismanagement without them it would not look that good!

Title Name Function
Hash Fash Small Ball Cock Head fashion designer but producer of rags
Hash Rags French Tart Selling her goodies like shirts , caps, towels and Oh, la la’s
Hash Flash Bugger Mee Hash photographer, share the love of pictures with her
Hash Mutt Hash Cash Its a dog – petting is best way to communicate to animals

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GM of Langkawi Hash

For all your general ideas, concerns and praise (he prefers lots of praise as most managers) GM of Langkawi Beach Hash House Harriers is your best pick please click GM.


Hash Web Matress

For all your contributions like “descriptions to next hash gathering”, “Scribe Report”, pictures, cat food and litter (yes she is a cat lover and no you can not sleep on her) please click on Web Matress

Hash Web Hero

For any improvements, comments, issues and recommendations on this website (be aware of hero: he only handles positive or constructive feedback well) please click on Hash Web Hero