Time to Hash

Say What? Who we are and what we do…

The Langkawi Beach Hash, previous known as Langkawi Beach House Harriers (LBH3), meet every second Friday at 17:00 unless clearly stated otherwise. Ww start our run/walk at 17:30 sharp by forming our CIRCLE where new shoes are welcomed and the hares explain the trail setup, false trails and potentially where runners and walkers split to their own trails (optional). 

The basic idea of the Hash is a non-competitive jaunt through the local countryside to appreciate nature and to further encourage a thirst for beer that should already exist. As the official slogan of Hash groups of around the world is “A drinking club with a running problem”.

Langkawi Hash House Harriers is a social club of people of all genders and many countries around the world having fun after the run in our CIRCLE with some ice-cold water and beer. Rules are very simple: there are no rules other than what the GM says, but rumors has it that nattering during our circle tends to annoy him with some ice-seatings awaiting you to cool off your to busy mouths. 

There are many Hash groups around the world and it is fun to know that it all started in Malaysia! For those who want to read up on some Hash House History go Here or for go for the Mother Hash.


Truly global group of Hashers

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Truly global group of Hashers

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Latest group photo’s Hash Runs

Hash Run 622

Hash Run 620

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Why Run or Walk with Us ?

Because it is FUN,
you meet and make FRIENDS,
you get beautiful VIEWS,
we are serious about not to take it too SERIOUS,
you get mostly nice FOOD,
And have a great drink TOGETHER!

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