Count Down Time to next Hash Run

TIP: No need to login to find or join our next hash. Feel free to look around and see all the Fun hashers do!
If you want to become a permanent hasher of our Hash and get our next runs then please register.

Langkawi Beach Hash Circle Meeting Point

Please click on red pointer for details and even get Google driving directions once the location of next hash circle is posted on Langkawi Beach Hash .

Langkawi Beach Hash Goodies 


Langkawi Hash Offical Gear
RMxx.yy/ item

In size XS, S, L ,XL
Langkawi beach hash logo 250px


Langkawi Hash Official Gear
RM10.00/ item

Size 32 cm X 77 cm

Hash towel

More to Come

Langkawi Hash Offical Gear
RMxx.yy/ item

Feel free

to suggest

gear you

would like

to see

being made